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A print run of the reconstructed Topkapi deck

My kickstarter campaign to finance a print run containing the Reconstruction of the Topkapi type 1 deck of Mamluk cards is now online.

If you would like to be informed about further updates about my project you can write to trzes at spiorad dot net and you will be put on a mailing list.

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The Standard Edition

There will be two different editions. The "Standard Edition" will be printed by a professional card making company. The card format will be 71 x 190 mm (2.8 x 7.5 inches) including a 4 mm (0.15 inches) white border, which is 75% of the original card size and pretty much the same size as the Bauwens facsimile.

The Pledge on Kickstarter will be 38 Euros (ca. 44 dollars) plus shipping per deck.

People have asked about a borderless edition, partly because one of my proof copies shown on facebook looks a bit like a borderless card. However a borderless print would be a problem, because the design of the cards cannot be easily extended. The lines along the edge of the actual card images are only 0.2 mm thick. This would require printing on the cards to be precise to at least 0.1 mm. No card maker will guarantee this.

People also have asked about muted colors compared to the impression of the card samples I have shown so far. The Standard edition will have saturated colors that are close to the impression on a computer screen, and more saturated than an ink-jet print of the downloadable pdf as A4 or pdf as letter. Those who really prefer more muted colors because they would be closer to the original cards might consider the "antique-style" edition.

The Antique Style Edition

Decks from the antique style edition will be printed on demand at on three-layered parly hand made art paper with a structured surface. The card format will be 92 x 250 mm, which is roughly the size of the original Topkapi cards. The deck will be mostly hand-made, with a traditional surface treatment using soap and bees wax. It nicely resembles the look and feel of antique cards. The colors will be a bit muted compared to the standard edition and the colored areas will not remain entirely uniformly colored due to the surface treatment. The cards are thick and soft and have a very special feel. The actual printing is done with a professional ink-jet printer using special ink, that is particularly light resistant.

The antique style edition is not on Kickstarter, but instead is being sold via Agnes Kapplers Kartograme webshop. Preorders can now be placed. The edition is limited to 20 copies.

Making a deck like that involves a lot of manual work, therefore a copy will be very expensive. The price for one copy in a plain hardcover box will be 265 Euros plus shipping. Coming in an adequately posh deluxe box the price will be 295 Euros plus shipping.

Shipping costs

The decks will ship worldwide from Germany. Shipping costs for one standard edition deck will be 9 Euros, and for the antique style edition 12 Euros.

Sales from this website

I will sell remaining decks, posters and probably other stuff from this website after the Kickstarter campaign is over, and all the rewards have been sent off (provided the campaign will be successful).

If the Kickstarter campaign fails, there will be no standard edition. But I will sell the print-on-demand things like the expensive antique style edition and posters.

Sales from this website will start around January 2019. Prices will be the same as during the Kickstarter campaign.

What you will get

Here are preview images of all the 56 cards. The standard edition resembles pretty much the saturated colors you will see on a standard laptop screen, while the antique style edition will look more muted and slightly darker.

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Contact: write to trzes at spiorad dot net.

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Created: Sep 2015